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Obama vs. McCain on the economy

PoliticsWe know where they stand on taxes ... at least for today. Now it's time to break down the presidential candidates' positions on the economy as a whole.

A recent edition of the NPR program "Fresh Air" broke down the economic policies of both John McCain and Barack Obama. The program featured the usual run-of-the-mill sound bites from each of the campaign's top economic advisors -- Douglas Holtz-Eakin on the McCain side and Jason Furman from the Obama camp. Still, it's a decent place to start. Listen to the interviews here.

If you want something a little more substantive, check out the special report from the Aug. 11 edition of Time magazine. The package included a voter's guide to the candidates' positions on the economy, Joe Klein's take on what the next president must do to fix the economy, and a trip inside the battleground state of Michigan.

Finally, we have an analysis of each candidate's tax plan from Idaho state Sen. Brent Hill. Writes Hill: "My intent is not to endorse one plan or another—in reality, they both have their pros and cons—but to help you understand what their positions really are."

Read up, then tell us: Which candidate has the best economic strategy?


Bill Sheridan