100% Membership Program

Invest in your organization, your staff, and your profession.

Full staff membership shows dedication to your organization and provides employees with countless professional resources.


100% Membership, 100% Strong

Show your organization’s commitment to the profession and your teams’ success by becoming an MACPA 100% Membership Organization. These organizations are committed to maintaining MACPA membership for all qualifying staff. This entitles your organization to certain perks and provides a convenient employee benefit for your staff. MACPA provides you with easy-to-use roster management and payment options.

Invest in the future of your profession, your team, and your business. Together, we are 100% strong.

The Value of Our Community

Strength in Numbers

Your 100% Membership investment also plays a critical role in MACPA’s advocacy achievements. Joining MACPA strengthens our long-term relationships with key policy makers and grassroots efforts, ensuring your voice will be heard when issues affecting the CPA profession and business community are debated in Annapolis.

Subscribing your team to MACPA membership is more than an employee perk – it gives them access to a diverse professional community and innovative continuing education opportunities. MACPA membership allows them to reach their full potential, so your organization can be successful.

Legislative & Regulatory Involvement

Exclusive Benefits of 100% Membership

In addition to all your regular member benefits, 100% Membership Organizations are afforded the following exclusive MACPA offerings:

  • Complimentary listing in our MACPA Employer Guide Listing
  • Recognition in our quarterly MACPA Statement magazine (10,000+ distribution)
  • Exposure at MACPA conferences and events
  • Discounted learning and CPE
  • Concierge-style attention from a single MACPA staff member dedicated to your needs
  • Recognition on the MACPA website
  • Access to a dedicated 100% Membership logo to include on your website and related communications
  • Be a go-to contact to represent the profession when answering media or editorial requests
Badge available upon request
Claim Your Digital Badge

Show off your status as a 100% Member Organization

Show your commitment to your profession and your career.

100% Membership Organizations receive an exclusive digital badge for use on your website, email signature line, or social media accounts. Contact the MACPA Member Service Center at 800-782-2036 to redeem your organization’s badge.

*Please note that classification as a 100% Membership Organization is contingent on employing five or more CPAs or professional staff who are all MACPA members.

Ready To Become A 100% Membership Organization?

Contact the MACPA Member Service Center at 800-782-2036. Together, we connect, protect, and achieve as a profession.

Our 100% Membership Organizations 

Thank you to our Maryland CPA organizations that support our profession with 100% membership.

Diana Keener

Ready to enroll?

To learn more about 100% membership, contact Lauren McDonough: lauren@macpa.org, 443.632.2328