On-Site Learning

Bring CPE to you and your staff at your office or in an online event.

Customize the learning experience for your organization by engaging with MACPA’s learning partner, the Business Learning Institute.


Build a premium CPE program that fits your company’s needs.

MACPA partners with the Business Learning Institute (BLI) to bring a customized CPE course program to your office or event. Your team can work with BLI learning strategists to determine the best date, time, and length for your course, the instructor, the materials, and the specific focus. You can tailor your program for your audience and overall business strategy.

BLI learning consultants will take care of all the logistics, including travel for the instructor, preparation and delivery of materials, and other planning.

Get started by contacting the BLI on-site learning team.



Diana Keener


To learn more contact Rebekah Olson, CPA, CEO MACPA: rebekah@macpa.org, 443.632.2320