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One last look at 2007

NewyearWe were sweeping out our "year in review" closet recently and came across a few interesting tidbits we thought you'd enjoy before you dive head-first into 2008.

  • First, here's a trio Fast Company lists: the best business books of 2007, featuring such engaging reads as Made to Stick, Fugitive Denim, and even a novel -- Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris, which also earned a spot on a number of "best fiction" lists for 2007; the most innovative business people of 2007 (Wikipedia founder Jimbo Wales, Facebook's Marc Zuckerberg and even California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger made the list); and some of the best (and worst) business trends of 2007, courtesy of the magazine's bloggers.
  • Next, there's Best of 2007: Accounting, from the staff at, a list of articles that examine the biggest accounting issues of the past year. There's a lot here to digest, especially in the areas of international standards, regulation and auditing.
  • And if those don't hit the spot, check out humorist Dave Barry's annual (and, as usual, brilliantly funny) year-in-review column. "It was," Barry writes, "a year filled with bizarre, insane, destructive behavior, an alarming amount of which involved astronauts."

And now, bring on 2008 ...


Bill Sheridan