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Key reasons why you can’t ignore lean anymore

LeanStill toying with the idea of going lean? It might be time to put that concept into motion. After all, we're a year or less away from reaching the lean tipping point.

That's what Jerry Solomon believes, anyway. Solomon is a lean expert whose books have won some of the lean community's top awards. I've featured his concepts here before after attending one of his lean presentations in St. Louis. Frankly, though, that speech left me with even more questions, so I've put together a podcast in which Solomon takes a closer look at some of the challenges, opportunities and benefits of going lean.

Those benefits are eye-opening. Tell me something: Would you consider leading your business through some radical changes if you knew it would result in a significant improvement in productivity, an increased market share, a reduction in product-development time, improved product quality, better capacity and soaring cash flow?

So would I. According to Solomon, those are just some of the results companies can expect to once they successfully complete the lean transformation. And that's just the start. Lean permeates every aspect of a business. "It's not just about manufacturing," Solomon says. "It's about enterprise excellence."

Listen to my conversation with Solomon in its entirety in this CPA Spotlight podcast.

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Learn more at the Expo
Solomon will discuss lean accounting and its benefits during a session at the first-ever Maryland Business and Accounting Expo, slated for June 17-18 at the Baltimore Convention Center. Get details about the Expo and register here.


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