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Finance TV: Are you watching?

YouTube isn't just for pets that dance and skateboard. Now you can get your accounting-standards updates there, too.

SmartPros is producing its own series of videos on YouTube that offer brief interviews with finance VIPs. There's this one on the complexity of accounting standards, featuring FASB Chair Robert Herz:

And there's this one about international financial accounting standards, featuring Colleen Cunningham, managing director of Resources Global Professionals.

When you factor in the IRS's recent YouTube videos about the economic stimulus payments, you might draw the conclusion that the world of finance is trying to figure out how to make use of YouTube ... and it's about time. The question is, will it work? Is this the way you want to get your finance information?

I don't think straight-laced, dry-as-toast technical information will sell on YouTube. But if these groups get a little creative with production and marketing, there might be some real potential there.

And by the way, special thanks for the tip about the SmartPros videos to Bob Jensen, emeritus accounting professor at Trinity University and frequent contributor to the AECM listserv.

What do you like to watch on YouTube?


Bill Sheridan