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Finance will be a job-market force in next decade

Hire The financial services arena has taken its share of job-market hits over the past couple of years. The latest proof comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which listed bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks among the nine professions that saw the most job losses in 2009.

An interesting note in that MSNBC article, though: "The free-for-all on Wall Street that led to many of these job losses could inadvertently help bring many of those positions back," writes Eve Tahmincioglu.

Indeed, a growing number of experts are predicting that very thing.

First, there's the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook, which examines how specific professions and industries might rebound, job-wise, over the next eight years. It predicts "financial examiner" will be the fifth fastest growing job between now and 2018.

"Part of a broader trend of growth in supervisory positions, BLS foresees a 41 percent increase in demand for financial professionals who can analyze and enforce laws governing the financial and securities industries," writes Carol Tice of "The field is expected to add 38,000 jobs in the next decade."

Among occupations with the largest numerical growth over the next decade, "accountants and auditors" rank eighth on the BLS list. And that only makes sense. As regulators and legislators put new financial rules and safeguards into place, we're going to need more financial experts like CPAs to make sense of it all.

In a report titled "Where The Jobs Will Be In The Next Decade," National Public Radio's John Ydstie takes a closer look at the prospects for accountants and other professions in the coming years. Listen to the report in its entirety:

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Bill Sheridan