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For Financial Literacy Month, 3 new doses of ‘Feed The Pig’ medicine

It’s April 1st, and no fooling, it’s the start of Financial Literacy Month.

That means it’s time to moan and wail about how few Americans are saving any real money for retirement. Or how few have any cash on hand for emergencies. Or how few can afford to send their kids to college.

It’s not all end-of-the-world stuff, though. Consider the folks at WalletHub, who have released their ranking of the most and least financially literate states in the nation. On the bright side, Maryland comes in strong at No. 5. On the not-so-bright side, the District of Columbia comes in dead last.

Either way, I think we can all use a strong dose of “Feed The Pig” medicine right about now.

And like magic, the “Feed The Pig” folks have delivered.

They’ve published three new public service announcements that take a humorous look at the importance of socking away some money for the future. The PSAs are aimed specifically at millennials and “touch on the realities of living at home, in addition to the marriage pressure and spending critiques that so many young adults receive from their parents,” the AICPA explains. “Most importantly, (the PSAs) show how saving money is the key to that coveted independence.”

Watch the PSAs here:




Bill Sheridan