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Hey, CPAs: This’ll make you laugh … but bitterly

Constrained I couldn't let this pass without sharing it.

My buddy Doug Shaner, IT manager for the Maryland Associaton of CPAs, found this gem. It's a column titled "Why IT certification is a really, really bad idea." Author George Tillmann argues convincingly that buttonholing an IT professional into a single discipline simply doesn't work in an age when "experience in multiple areas is a plus."

"What IT needs now are people with quick minds and nimble fingers to work in a volatile field," Tillman adds.

His central point seems to be this: Certification works great for some professions and not so well for others. And I get that.

Trouble is, Tillman takes a veiled shot at CPAs while making that point. And I quote:

"Keeping people within intellectual borders might work for accounting, which hasn't changed much in more than 400 years."

I posted my own response to that remark, but I'd like to know what you CPAs out there think of it. Y'all feeling constrainted by intellectual borders these days? It's a good thing you're working in a profession that hasn't changed much lately -- nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of that argument. And when you're done, you can read Tillman's column in its entirety here.


Bill Sheridan