Legislative / Regulatory

Annapolis update, February 2013

"No man's life, liberty, or happiness are safe when the legislature is in session." -- Mark Twain

We are now in week six of the General Assembly's 2013 session and a lot has happened since CPA Day in Annapolis on Jan. 16.



As we approach the halfway mark, let me update you on our legislative priorities:

  1. Nothing yet! Sales taxes on services (a tax on tax): Lt Gov. Anthony Brown said this would not be introduced by the governor this year (remember last year?) and at this point has not been introduced by either House or Senate.
  2. Being decided in courts! CPA and business liability (lawsuit lottery): The ongoing battle to retain contributory negligence versus the trial lawyers' attempts at comparative fault (two related bills filed -- HB 1156 and SB 819).
  3. Passed! State Board of Accountancy Reauthorization Bill SB238 / HB209 State Board of Public Accountancy - Sunset Extension and Program Evaluation.
  4. Ongoing: Testimony on tax compliance bills as needed by our State Tax Committee.

We have weighed in or testified on several other bills that affect CPAs, including an effort to void non-compete agreements, licensing issues for military families, and several tax bills.   Combined reporting was recently introduced. We will be preparing to oppose unless a "ramp up" time for CPAs to learn about the intricacies of complying with this legislation is included.   For a complete recap of business issues, see the Maryland Chamber of Commerce legisative site.    More resources about legislation and CPAs: