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IRS gets social in its search for tax preparer feedback

PreparerOffice Don't look now, but the IRS is getting downright social with its tax preparer community.

First came word that the agency had built a Facebook page for its Return Preparer Office.

"Here’s what we envision: the IRS and the tax professional community working in partnership to improve tax administration," office Director David Williams wrote on the page. "We see this page as a place where we can have informal conversations on issues that affect your profession, especially the new regulations for federal tax return preparers."

It'll be interesting to see how preparers respond. More than 2,300 of them "liked" the page in its first few days, so it's off to a promising start.

Next came the Return Preparer Office's announcement that it wants help in creating specifications for its upcoming registered tax return preparere competency exam.

The office is asking tax preparers to fill out a "job analysis survey" that will help test vendor Prometric create specifications for the exam.

If you want to be part of the process for building the preparer competency exam, be sure to fill out the survey by the June 21, 2011 deadline. You might receive more than one reminder about the survey, but the IRS wants to remind you to take the survey just once.

You'll find the survey here.


Bill Sheridan