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Is accounting a depressing field?

Depressing It's no secret that being a CPA is a challenging gig.

But depressing?

That's what the folks at say. They listed financial advisors and accountants among 10 careers with high rates of depresssion.

Why? Here's what Tammy Worth writes:

"Stress. Stress. Stress. Most people don’t like dealing with their own retirement savings. So can you imagine handling thousands or millions of dollars for other people?

“There is so much responsibility for other people’s finances and no control of the market,” (Deborah Legge, Ph.D., a licensed mental health counselor in Buffalo) says. “There is guilt involved, and when (clients) are losing money, they probably have people screaming at them with regularity.”

That strikes me as a simplistic and overly dramatic conclusion, with no mention at all of the opportunities CPAs have to help their clients improve their personal and professional lives. But what do I know?

I want to know what you CPAs think. Is's assessment accurate ... or overblown?

And for the record: I've never screamed at my CPA.


Bill Sheridan