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Report highlights finance reform’s impact on CPAs

Question This is worth noting, especially for you AICPA members out there.

The Institute has released a white paper titled, "Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: A Primer for CPAs." The report examines the law in detail and takes a closer look at how it might impact CPAs and their clients.

"The many complexities and uncertainties of the new legislation create myriad opportunities for CPAs to become indispensible partners in helping clients and employers understand and comply with new regulations," the AICPA writes. "Consumers, for example, may call on CPAs for advice on any new consumer protection initiatives or on new mortgage regulations. Financial services companies and other businesses will benefit from compliance advice from CPAs to ensure they are properly implementing new regulations. In a law this complex, CPAs will find many opportunities to provide valuable services to companies and individuals."

The report is available only to AICPA members, who can download it here.


Bill Sheridan