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General Assembly ’08: And so it begins …

SignJust two months after their last visit, Maryland's lawmakers are back in Annapolis and the 425th session of the General Assembly is under way. That last visit, of course, was rare (a special session) and brief (just a few weeks), but boy, were they ever busy. Once the dust settled, the state had $1.4 billion in new taxes with which to contend.

Now comes the General Assembly's regular session. Annapolis buzzes with activitiy each spring, of course, but we're expecting this to be an unusually busy session; our legislative volunteers will be monitoring a number of pieces of legislation that could impact the state's CPAs. This podcast offers a detailed look at the issues that likely will keep Maryland CPAs on their toes for the next 90 days.

It all starts with CPA Day on Jan. 23. Get registration information and details on the day's agenda here.

Our sister blog, Legislative Insider, will keep you posted on all of the relevant developments. You might also want to check out The Sun's legislative blog, the Maryland Chamber of Commerce's blog, The Daily Record's new "Eye on Annapolis" blog and The Washington Post's "Maryland Moment" blog.

Brace yourselves; it could be a bumpy ride.


Bill Sheridan