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California, D.C. aboard the mobility train; national effort almost complete

Time to add two more names to the CPA Mobility Honor Roll.

You remember mobility, right? It permits a licensed CPA in good standing to practice outside of his or her principal place of buiness without having to obtain another license.

The most recent jurisdictions to adopt mobility are California, where Gov. Jerry Brown signed it into law on Sept. 20; and the District of Columbia, where mobility took effect on Oct. 1.

D.C. and California join 48 other states in adopting mobility. The last holdout? Hawaii. Basically, if you're practicing anywhere in the lower 48, Alaska or D.C., you're covered.

You'll find more mobility resources -- including FAQs and an online tool that helps you determine if mobility applies to you -- in the AICPA's mobility resource center.


Bill Sheridan