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Psychopathic CPAs? Not likely

If you're a CPA, here's a bit of good news: You're probably not a psychopath.

That's according to the Great British Psychopath Survey. Compiled by Oxford research psychologist and The Wisdom of Psychopaths author Kevin Dutton, the survey lists the following as the least psychopathic professions:

  1. Care aide
  2. Nurse
  3. Therapist
  4. Craftsperson
  5. Beautician / stylist
  6. Charity worker
  7. Teacher
  8. Creative artist
  9. Doctor
  10. Accountant

Of course, being a psychopath doesn't make you homicidal -- or even a criminal, for that matter. In fact, Dutton says certain psychopathic traits -- charm, confidence, being cool under pressure -- can actually be helpful on the job.

Regardless, as a profession, accounting certainly isn't crawling with psychopaths. That's probably a good thing.

And yes, the survey also listed the most psychopathic professions around. They are:

  1. CEO
  2. Lawyer
  3. Media (TV / radio)
  4. Salesperson
  5. Surgeon
  6. Journalist
  7. Police officer
  8. Clergyperson
  9. Chef
  10. Civil servant

Me? I've spent time over the years as both a radio personality (No. 3) and a newspaper editor (No. 6).

Maybe I should've studied accounting.


Bill Sheridan