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Romney vs. Obama on taxes: Who’s the man?

Still don't know who you'll vote for in November?

I don't believe you.

This election is as divisive as any I've ever seen. It's us-versus-them, and never the twain shall meet. That's why our governments are as screwed up as they are. In this partisan environment, compromise and collaboration are seen not as the productive strengths that they are, but as weaknesses that will have you looking for a job come Nov. 7.

Maybe I'm just cynical, but something tells me few voters will be crossing the aisle, either. I'm guessing people have made their choice, not because their candidate has the best ideas or most innovative vision or smartest fiscal strategy, but because he's not other guy.

Even so, there undoubtedly are a few undecided voters out there. On the off-chance that (a) you're one of them, and (b) taxes are your deciding issue, here are a few comparisons that might help you choose.

See you at the polls.


Bill Sheridan