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The future of accounting looks very bright

They are connected, social-savvy, excited about the future, and they want to have a say in the future of accounting and in their careers.

How do we know that, you might be thinking?

We asked.

Using our interactive conference participation software,, and our soon-to-be-famous MBSN (or Management by Sticky Notes), we engaged a group of accounting students in a conversation about what they want from future employers and their associations. You can see those results along with the presentation in the slidedeck below.

We engaged them in our Insights to Action process, in which we covered the history of the profession (hindsight), the future of the profession (foresight), and then back to the current state of things (insight). They had lots of questions and comments throughout the day, and many stayed long after the end of the program at 1:00pm. 

We promised to share many of the videos and resources from our presentation with the students, and I hope they will share their thoughts and comments on this blog post below.




Here is the slidedeck we presented on Saturday: 

Accounting Career & Professional Issues Update for Students - 2014 from Tom Hood
Stay tuned for more on what the students told us they wanted from their employers and what they want from their associations, as well as a post by our own young profesisonal, Rebekah Brown. Visit our Tomorrow's CPA websiteFacebook page, and Twitter (@tomorrowscpa). I always love an opportunity to engage with the future of our profession, and this event was a great time for me. Thanks, students! The future of the CPA profession does indeed look bright! More resources for accounting students and educators: