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Women leaders recognized for outstanding accomplishments

Being recognized for one’s leadership, service, and contributions to the accounting profession is like sitting down to a nice bowl of ice cream on a beautiful summer day. It’s a comforting and honest moment of reflection and recognition on a job well done, knowing that you’ve made a positive difference.

During the 2018 AICPA ENGAGE conference in Las Vegas this week, the American Institute of CPAs and CPA Practice Advisor recognized 25 leaders in the accounting profession with the 2018 Most Powerful Women in Accounting Award. These 25 women have made that positive difference for women and for the entire accounting profession. For all that they do, each them truly deserves that celebratory bowl of ice cream.

This list of award recipients holds numerous long-standing and far-reaching connections to the MACPA. In particular, we would like to spotlight six award winners who are partners and friends of the Maryland Association of CPAs and Business Learning Institute:

  • Jennifer Elder, owner of The Sustainable CFO and a BLI thought leader
  • Kimberly Ellison-Taylor, global strategy leader for the financial services industry at Oracle America, immediate past chairman of the AICPA, an MACPA member, and a former chair of the MACPA Board of Directors
  • Samantha Mansfield, director of professional development and community for, a strategic partner of the MACPA
  • Gail Perry, editor-in-chief of CPA Practice Advisor, a press partner of the MACPA
  • Amy Vetter, president and CEO of QuickStart Training Inc., and an MACPA member
  • Jennifer Warawa, executive vice president of partners, accountants and alliances for Sage, a strategic partner of the MACPA

Our accounting profession would not be where it is today without the impact these influential women have made. They are a driving force in creating a culture of innovation or excellence within their firm, or helped, as a vendor, to develop technologies that empower firms to be more productive and profitable. Actively mentoring those following in their footsteps, these award recipients come from a wide cross-section of the profession and perform a broad range of roles.

“This year’s group of award winners exemplifies the aspects of leadership, skill, and mentorship that make them stand-outs in their roles,” said Gail Perry, editor-in-chief of CPA Practice Advisor. “Our profession is better because of their active participation in making this a better place for everyone.”

The rest of the 2018 winners are:

  • Karen Abramson, CEO, Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting
  • Danielle Supkis Cheek, director of entrepreneurial advisory services, PKF Texas
  • Susan Coffey, executive vice president of public practice, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants
  • Lynne Doughtie, U.S. chairman and CEO, KPMG
  • Abby F. Dupree, managing partner, Carroll & Company, CPAs.
  • Sarah Elliott, principal and co-founder, Intend2Lead, LLC
  • Cathy Engelbert, CEO of Deloitte US
  • Julie H. Gustavsson, partner and chief operating officer, Keiter
  • DeAnn Hill, owner, DeAnn Auman Hill, CPA
  • Jenni Huotari, partner and director of business outsourcing and strategy, Eide Bailly
  • Kacee Johnson, strategic advisor,, and founder, Blue Ocean Principles
  • Elizabeth Pittelkow Kittner, controller, Litera Microsystems
  • Tamera Loerzel, partner, ConvergenceCoaching, LLC
  • Gail Perry, editor-in-chief, CPA Practice Advisor
  • Amy Pitter, president and CEO, Massachusetts Society of CPAs
  • Natasha Schamberger, president and CEO, Kansas Society of CPAs
  • Lindsay Stevenson, vice president of finance and tax, 1st Financial Bank USA
  • Katherine G. Watts, partner in charge, Horne LLP
  • Sandra Wiley, president, Boomer Consulting, Inc.
  • Jennifer Wilson, co-founder and partner, ConvergenceCoaching, LLC


“If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are an excellent leader.” — Dolly Parton



Rob Nance