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Robot accountants?

What’s the world coming to?

Need an accountant? Try a robot instead?The Wall Street Journal tells us. Earlier this year, Wired told us, “Robots will soon do your taxes; bye-bye accounting jobs.” Even if you question whether there is bias toward articles touting the Uber-ization of the professions, in a publication called Wired, the large number of articles on this topic, among diverse publications, confirms that the power and reach of fast-changing technology will change the professions, in particular accountants in audit and tax as well as in business and industry.

The MACPA and its affiliate, The Business Learning Institute, have been at the forefront in engaging finance and accounting professionals in Maryland, throughout the U.S. and abroad. We’ve tried to lead the way in dialogue and preparation for the forthcoming changes in the profession, as well as changes to the roles played by CPAs and CFOs. Whether you have decades of experience in audit, tax, or advisory with a CPA firm or are an accountant in business and industry, government or not-for-profits, your decision to see these changes — or “hard trends” — as an opportunity or threat is up to you.

As leading futurist and best-selling author Daniel Burrus says, “Your future view determines the future you.” Technology is one of three hard trends Burrus has identified, and he has helped audit firms and F100 firms learn to move ahead of such changes, rather than be left in the dust of disruption.

The MACPA and BLI has teamed with Burrus to develop The Anticipatory Organization: Accounting and Finance Edition. You and / or your firm can learn how to harness changes in technology — and other hard trends such as ever-changing government regulation and changing demographics — to your advantage. The Anticipatory Organization program, named one of Accounting Today’s Top Products of 2016, is available in various formats, including self-study, facilitated firm or department discussions, and more. For more info about BLI and its Thought Leader programs, including the Anticipatory Organization, contact BLI at

Making history, anticipating the futureJoin us at our upcoming events (many of which are simulcast) to learn more about the future of the profession. These events will be led by MACPA / BLI CEO Tom Hood:

MACPA members can attend one town hall meeting per spring / fall season for free. The spring 2017 town halls offer 4 CPE credits. This is one benefit of MACPA membership.

Learn moreThe MACPA and BLI have been like the canary in the mineshaft – preparing CPAs, CFOs, and others in the finance and accounting profession for changes that are rapidly approaching. Read more from Hood and MACPA Chief Communications Officer Bill Sheridan to help you prepare for the fast future – for the day when you may find yourself sitting next to, or interacting virtually with – a colleague named Rozanne ("Ro") Bott.  From the MACPA blog and the BLI blog:

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