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Maryland CPAs answer legislative call in Annapolis

CpadaybThe MACPA called, and its members answered.

With memories of a tax-raising special session still fresh in their minds, CPAs turned out in record numbers on Jan. 23 for the 2008 edition of CPA Day in Annapolis, the annual event in which MACPA members take the profession’s message directly to their lawmakers.

More than 100 CPAs were on hand for the event, which was billed as crucial to the CPA profession’s 2008 legislative efforts in Maryland. Check out photos from the event here.

“It’s absolutely critical. This agenda is one of the biggest we’ve ever had,” said MACPA Executive Director Tom Hood. “We told our members that we needed them down here (in Annapolis) to show the legislature that we care, to show them we are watching and are ready to tell them what we think and offer them the advice of CPAs.”

Read the MACPA's legislative position papers, then keep an eye on our sister blog, Legislative Insider, where we'll keep you posted on the progress of all relevant legislation as the General Assembly's session rolls on.


Bill Sheridan