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Democracy and the Power of Association

On April 10, 1900, Governor Smith signed Bill 719 into law enacting the CPA Statute that formed our Profession and created the CPA License. It was the third such law enacted in the United States. Since that time, our Profession has been called to represent and protect CPAs at the federal, state, and regulatory at the State Board of Public Accountancy. The infrastructure that supports your license including mobility, forms of practice, liability and maintaining our reputation as the Most Trusted Advisors to businesses and individuals requires constant vigilance and care.

This Tuesday, November 6th, is the Mid-Term election and we will see a record turnover in Annapolis as more than 20% (39+ out of 188) of Maryland’s representatives will turnover due to retirement or replacement. The Governor, Attorney General and all of our General Assembly are up for election. All of these changes can and will influence and impact your Profession in addition to the business and social environment of the State of Maryland we live and work in.

You can play an important role in three key steps:

  1. VOTE - Here is a link from the Maryland Board of Elections to help you find your voting place.
  2. Celebrate our Profession at the Swearing-In Ceremony for Newly Licensed CPAs on Wednesday, November 8th at the Maryland Live! Hotel 6:00pm - 8:30 pm.
  3. Register to attend CPA Day in Annapolis  on January 24, 2019 at the Governor Calvert House in Annapolis 7:30 am - 12:00pm.

There is an old saying about the political process that says you can either be a victim or participant. I continue to believe that despite all of the rhetoric and divisiveness, we still have one of the best, if not the best democracy in the world. Choose to be a participant in our democratic process and Vote on Tuesday!


Tom Hood