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MACPA state, federal tax communities join forces

We at the MACPA are beyond proud of our CPA preparer community. You’ve spent hours upon hours during a very difficult and challenging time, helping your individual clients and advising Maryland small businesses on a range of topics and complex issues — some of which weren’t even tax related — and you continue to do so. We hope you have found these online tax communities to be a useful resource to help you keep connected and collaborate with your peers.

After listening to feedback from our State Tax Committee and community members, we have decided to simplify the posting process. Rather than selecting either “State Tax” or “Fed Tax” for your post, we will have only one Tax Community. We hope this fairly straightforward transition will help limit repeat postings, simplify the search process, and eliminate the need for cross-posting on the same or similar topics.

Next steps On Friday, Nov. 12, the State Tax community will be renamed as the Tax Community. You may post all tax-related questions or comments to this community, either by logging into MACPA Connect or by emailing (please note the new email address). Once the transition occurs, all subsequent posts emailed to either or will be redirected to the new Tax Community.

All prior posts to the State Tax and Fed Tax communities will remain searchable.

We hope combining the two tax communities into one will improve usability and simplify the process of posting a tax question or response — especially during the height of the busy season.

Connect tips and tricks

  • Be as specific as possible in the subject line of your post.
  • If you do not wish to follow a specific post or the subsequent replies, go to the bottom of the post, select “To unsubscribe from these emails, click here,” then select “Stop watching this topic.”
  • To send a private, direct message, click on the sender’s name in a post and then select the “message” option in the top right corner.

Logging into the MACPA Connect website offers many user friendly options, including:

  • Advanced search
  • Message formatting
  • “Tag” an individual
  • Bookmark a post
  • Direct message one or more individuals
  • “Like” a post
  • Change your settings

Check out this link to familiarize yourself with these and the many other options and settings available to you via the Connect website.


Bill Sheridan