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Three Maryland firms named ‘Best of the Best’

Dsc00027 This is from Rick Telberg's post titled INSIDE Public Accounting Names 25 Best of the Best Firms. Three of them come from Maryland!

This is the 14th year that IPA surveyed firms for this annual recognition. This year, the field started with 250 firms submitting applications. According to IPA publisher Michael Platt, "Best of the Best firms represent the top 25 accounting firms in the nation who each demonstrate the right combination of vision, planning, and execution to deliver superior performance."

Dsc00026 We are proud of our Maryland firms who made this prestigious group. Aronson, Reznick and SCH Group were the three firms selected. These firms featured an average growth in revenues of 24.2 percent and net income growth of 27.8 percent. No wonder they are best of breed.

Turns out  I was with two of the three managing partners at the fall meeting of the AICPA Council. Ken Baggett, managing principal of Reznick, and Lisa Cines, managing officer of Aronson, along with Bill Riley, principal of Reznick's Baltimore office and chair-elect of the MACPA, all joined us  for dinner Monday evening at Acacia in Tucson. All three are members of the AICPA Council. Lisa is also a member of the AICPA Board of Directors. (See my post, CPA leaders featured at fall Council in Tucson). Two of the three (Reznick and SC&H) are 100 percent membership firms at the MACPA, pledging all of their Maryland CPAs to be members of the MACPA.

I just hope some of that magic rubs off on me. Congratulations and thanks for your leadership and involvement in the CPA profession.