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Virtual business: Is it inevitable?


Linden Lab CFO John Zdanowski taught us a thing or two about Second Life's business applications during a CFO Rising Conference presentation in which he spoke simultaneously to separate audiences in Orlando and in Second Life. It was a powerful example of the potential Second Life holds as a communication vehicle.

Now, let's expand on that lesson a bit.

Following his presentation, I spoke with Zdanowski about Second Life's economy and the impact virtual worlds are having on today's business environment. It's the future, though, that gets him most excited.

"As the technology improves, you'll start to see virtual worlds become almost indistinguishable from the real world in terms of ... the quality of the interactions you can have with another person or groups of people," he said. "As the technology continues to improve, I can see a time when people would rather meet in a virtual world than take a long trip across the country for a two-hour meeting."

And that's just the beginning. Listen to Zdanowski's complete conversation in this CPA Spotlight podcast.

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Zdanowski will discuss Second Life and its business applications during a session at the first-ever Maryland Business and Accounting Expo, slated for June 17-18 at the Baltimore Convention Center. Get details about the Expo here, then pre-register here.


Bill Sheridan