Financial Planning

We’ve struck financial literacy gold!

Pig Everywhere I turn these days, people are talking about financial literacy.

And heck, why not? We all know how important it is ... and how many people are ignoring it despite its importance.

Still, people are talking.

Let's start with the folks on the AECM listserve, who passed along these terrific financial literacy resources in a single post recently:

Beyond that, the AICPA has launched a redesigned version of its "360 Degrees of Financial Literacy" website to offer users a more personalized experience. The new site includes a customizable dashboard "featuring articles and resources to help (users) make informed financial decisions based on their responses to questions pertaining to their life stage and employment status. Visit the new site here.

The cherry on top of this financial literacy sundae, though, is the Gateway Metro Credit Union's newest branch, located in Trinity Catholic High School in Missouri's north St. Louis County. "It's part of the school's effort to get students used to saving money and handling checking accounts," writes Jim Gallagher in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "It also gives student tellers ... a taste of the banking business."

Just across the Mississippi River in Illinois, financial literacy has been a required part of high school education since 1986.

I love what's going on in the Midwest. Financial literacy at any age is good, but the earlier we can teach this stuff, the better.

What's your favorite example of financial education in action?


Bill Sheridan