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A look back: Our most popular posts of 2013

Old acquaintances might be forgotten, but old blog posts?


Not as long as we have year-in-review articles and Google Analytics.

Here, then, are the 25 most popular CPA Success blog posts of 2013.

  1. Three things I want accounting students to know: The career path (April 16, by Rebekah Brown)
  2. Three things I want accounting students to know: An introduction (March 13, by Rebekah Brown)
  3. The top 5 skills CPAs need now (March 7, by Tom Hood)
  4. Health care: Plenty of questions, lots of opportunities for CPAs (Aug. 4, by Bill Sheridan)
  5. 7 trends impacting CPAs … and the 5 opportunities within (May 7, by Bill Sheridan)
  6. Why should CPAs care about the cloud? Let’s count the ways (June 5, by Bill Sheridan)
  7. Three things I want accounting students to know: The CPA exam (March 28, by Rebekah Brown)
  8. The No. 1 skill you need today (April 29, By Tom Hood)
  9. Top 7 issues facing young professionals (July 16, by Tom Hood)
  10. Internet sales tax: Four things CPAs need to know (June 10, by Bill Sheridan)
  11. Three things I want accounting students to know: Information overload (March 19, by Rebekah Brown)
  12. Psychopathic CPAs? Not likely. (Aug. 1, by Bill Sheridan)
  13. Best and worst jobs? According to who? (Dec. 3, by Bill Sheridan)
  14. New reporting framework for SMEs vs. GAAP: Isn’t there room for both? (June 14, by Bill Sheridan)
  15. Secrets of high-performing CPA firms (Jan. 25, by Tom Hood)
  16. The value debate: Ask and you shall receive (June 30, By Bill Sheridan)
  17. What millennials really want: For people to stop telling them what they want (Jan. 27, by Adrienne Gonzalez)
  18. Three rules for success: HBR (March 21, by Tom Hood)
  19. How to grow your talent pipeline (Oct. 17, by Tom Hood)
  20. A new take on lean: It’s all about serving clients (Aug. 19, by Bill Sheridan)
  21. The tax season from hell (April 23, by Tom Hood)
  22. CPE is dead! Long live learning! (Aug. 20, by Tom Hood)
  23. ‘Our job is to make people smile’ — Xero gets it (Sept. 12, by Bill Sheridan)
  24. Ask. You might just receive. (March 14, by Bill Sheridan)
  25. DOMA ruling brings flood of tax, financial analyses (June 26, by Bill Sheridan)

Which was your favorite? More important, what issues should we spend more time on going forward?


Bill Sheridan