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Social: It’s not an option anymore

A new report finds that 68 percent of CEOs have no presence whatsoever on any social network -- not Twitter, or Facebook, or LinkedIn, or Pinterest. Nothing.

To which I say: Holy crap.

Your clients are there. Your employees are there. Your members, your vendors, your managers and partners and investors are there.

And two-thirds of you CEOs are not? What's wrong with you?

Social media has changed the way we communicate. That alone should push you into the social pool.

But it's doing way more than that. It's also changing the fundamentals of business. Too many of us are clinging to old business models that simply don't work anymore. Business today isn't about product or profit. It's about people. Social media plays a huge role in that.

And yet here we are, trying to bolt social media onto our moldy old business models. We expect it to work the way we do, and it refuses to play along. Maybe, just maybe, we have to start working the way it does.

My friend and association consultant Jeff de Cagna had this to say recently about non-profit boards of directors:

"It's very hard for boards to think digital when they govern analog."

Replace "boards" with "businesses" and that astute observation suddenly applies to all of us.

Get smart, people. The social train has left the station. You're officially playing catch-up, and it's a game you can't afford to lose.

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Bill Sheridan