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Student Leadership Academy: Building tomorrow’s CPA leaders

At the MACPA, we recognize the need to begin building future leaders now. While enrollment in accounting programs are at an all-time high, research shows that two-thirds of accounting majors graduates have no intention of becoming CPAs. To this effect, we created the MACPA Pipeline Initiative to educate students on the value and vast opportunities of the CPA develop them as tomorrow's leaders.

As part of this initiative, last year the MACPA held its first Student Leadership Academy. The Academy was designed from components of the Business Learning Institute’s Leadership Academy, which has been used by the AICPA to run its Leadership Academy for the last several years. The 25 students selected to participate came from 13 different universities across the region. They came not knowing exactly what to expect, but left with a renewed passion for the profession and new tools to jumpstart their career.

One student came in a little hesitant and even confessed the first day that he didn’t plan on pursuing the license. After two days of highly engaged learning about himself, his own strengths and values, and the opportunities the profession holds, he left not only with a scholarship for a CPA review course but a renewed passion, confidence and excitement in the profession.

Here are just a few things participants had to say:

  • “What I got out of it was so much more than I was hoping for. I am so glad that I live in Maryland because MACPA is the best.” − Laurie Cole, University of Baltimore 
  • “Great Academy! I learned a lot and feel more prepared for my accounting career.” − Randi Reed, Salisbury University
  • “This helped inform me on the actual job of most accountants, helped me verifty that this is a profession I am confident I can succeed and be happy in.” − Ryan Ruiz, Frostburg University 


You can be a part of it, too!

Are you a college student studying accounting? We’d love for you to attend this year’s Student Leadership Academy. Apply here. Applications are due April 22.

Are you a CPA firm or organization that hires accounting students and wants to support the program? Your organization can partner with us by sponsoring the MACPA’s Pipeline Initiative and the Student Leadership Academy. Check out the sponsor levels and benefits here.


Rebekah Olson