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Clarification: VA deadline for personal returns is May 2

Virginia_flag Here's a quick clarification on our Feb. 14 post about Virginia's tax filing deadline.

We received the following note from Ginny Slaughter, public relations specialist and social media coordinator for the Virginia Department of Taxation. In its entirety, the note reads as follows:

"I saw the recent blog post on the CPA Success blog and I'm just a little concerned about the way it reads. Our text, which you quoted, clarifies that we're only talking about calendar-year (pass-through entity) and corporate income tax returns, but the rest of your message seems to be saying Virginia's 'tax day' is April 15. We feel this could mislead some taxpayers / CPAs into thinking personal income tax returns are due that day when that is not the case.
"Virginia's due date for personal income tax returns is always May 1 (with the exception of years, like this one, when that date falls on a weekend. This year it will be May 2). Is there any possible way you could clarify this on your blog?"

Consider it done, Ginny. My mistake ... and my apologies for the confusion.


Bill Sheridan