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The best social media advice ever

Advice Everybody these days is talking about the potential uses and abuses of social media and the fear of what people might do or say out there.

Recently I have seen some examples of social media uses that surprised even me, so I thought I would research some good social media best practices to share with you.

I just read a great post by Tim Sanders, Social Media Success Rule: Be Generous, in which he says:

"If you want to succeed on any social media platform, there are a few rules to follow. My first rule was to be helpful, adding gold instead of junk to the social stream."

Tim goes on to talk about being generous. If you combine this with much of Tim's suggestions in his book, Love is the Killer App, it is all about giving, sharing and promoting the other guy and maybe not so much about you. Social media is the best place to build your personal brand and the best place to ruin it.

So, here is my best and simplest social media policy ever:

Don't write or say anything on the Web, via social media, or in person that your mother would not be proud of.

Follow this advice and you will never get in trouble.

Our social media policy has three main points:

  1. Particpate (and our purpose for being there).
  2. Be smart and safe.
  3. Question everything by asking, "How can we be more social?"

The next time you are thinking that rant or negativity has taken over, stop and ask yourself these four questions:

  1. Am I being smart and safe?
  2. Am I being helpful and generous?
  3. Am I adding gold or junk to the social stream?
  4. Would my mother be pround of what I am writing or saying?

Use these four questions and you will never get in trouble with social media.

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