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CPA: A profession on the rise

This one's a good news-bad news type of thing.

First, the bad news: U.S. News & World Report has identified "25 professions that will be growing in demand as baby boomers age, the Internet becomes ubiquitous, and Americans seek richer, simpler lives" ... and inexplicably, the CPA profession didn't make the cut.

The good news: At least CPAs didn't appear on the magazine's list of the most overrated careers.

In all seriousness, leaving CPAs off the list of top professions flies in the face of all recent research we've seen about up-and-coming careers.

  • A year ago, for instance, CNNMoney listed accounting among five careers that are in high demand and offer big money.
  • Money Magazine last year also listed "accountant" among the 50 best jobs in America.
  • And Richard Rabicoff, the MACPA's career initiatives and public relations manager, says "accounting inevitably ranks high in student interest."

The truth? With boomers set to retire in waves and CPAs' talents in high demand, it's a perfect time to be a CPA ... and an even better time to study accounting in college.


Bill Sheridan