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Top three issues for CPAs, and top five insights

DSC00095 What is on the minds of CPAs these days?

Yesterday started our first set of professional issues updates /town hall meetings for Maryland CPAs. These sessions are a flyover of all of the issues facing CPAs, and with a great cross-section of all types of CPAs (small practice to Big Four, industry, government, not-for-profits and education), it gives us a great sense of what's on their minds.

Here is what CPAs in southern Maryland are thinking about:

  1. Keeping up with rapid changes.
  2. Clients -- collections and retention issues.
  3. Economy -- where we are and where we are headed are not sustainable.

The top five insights from the day (based on feedback forms) were these:

  1. Impact of multiple generations in the workplace and social media.
  2. New changes in Maryland regulations and legislation (CPE, peer review, CPA exam, Workplace Fraud Act)
  3. Importance of MACPA advocacy and to get involved -- CPA day is Jan. 20, 2010 in Annapolis.
  4. The image of the CPA is strong and perceived as valuable by public, businesses and regulators.
  5. The need to focus on the future.

Don't miss the rest of the professional issues updates / town hall fall tour. Check out our schedule here. (Members only!)

You can get a glimpse of my presentation (draft) here on SlideShare.

This town hall was held with our Southern Maryland Chapter. Thanks to the chapter leaders who volunteer their time and talent to help keep the CPA community strong and bring relevant continuing professional education to CPAs all over Maryland.

Pictured are two of those leaders -- outgoing chapter President Deborah Hudson (government) and current President Cathy Swann (industry).

What's keeping you up at night -- professionally, that is?