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Train like an Olympic athlete

78457291The 2012 Olympics are here!

What do the Olympics have to do with CPA Success?

Our BLI strategic partner, Gretchen Pisano (CEO of SoundingBoard Ink) has some thoughts:

Olympic athletes train for years to deal with these competitive conditions:

  • Fierce competition.
  • Last year’s stretch goals become this year’s baselines (only you are a year older).
  • Winning by the smallest margin is still winning.
  • Leveraging strengths and addressing challenges.
  • Dealing with success.
  • Recovering from failures.

Sound familiar? It should.

Aren't these the same challenges we face every day?

In the business world, as a norm, we do not:

  • Train mentally, emotionally and physically to perform at a high level for an extended period of time.
  • Work with a great coach.
  • Practice more than we perform.
  • Develop practices that trigger high-performance states.
  • Do a good job balancing stress with recovery.

Maybe it is time we start working on "success skills" for our people to help them perform at their best. Maybe it is time to think about developing our individuals, teams, and organization-wide competencies that take our top talent and give them the right skills at the right time so they can help us win in a fiercely competitive environment.

Our Business Learning Institute specializes in helping individuals and organizations maximize their potential and prepare them for peak performance. In fact, we call it "The Bounce." Here is our brief guide to get you thinking about maximizing your career trajectories for you and your people. 

Another great resource is the just-released CGMA report, which offers a great way to think about your career in management accounting.

And to help you follow the games via Twitter, here are the top 50 tweeters to follow to keep up with the Olympics, courtesy of the London Telegraph.

So here's to all of the athletes who gathered to compete in the upcoming weeks. Go USA!

Let us know if we can help you design your "training plan" for the business Olympics we all find ourselves playing in.