Analysts dissect bipartisan tax cut package

Dissect For all the drama that played out in Congress, President Obama's tax cut compromise with the GOP has sailed through both the House and Senate.

Now come the inevitable questions: "What's in it?" and "What does it mean for me?"

A couple of new documents take aim at providing answers.

First, there's a CCH analysis of the tax cut package, which says the plan "gives taxpayers some certainty in tax planning for the next two years, especially concerning the individual income tax rates, capital gains/dividend tax rates and the estate tax."

Next, there's Mary Beth Franklin, who takes a closer look at many of the key provisions in this article.

Then, let's toss one more summary into the mix for good measure from CNN Senior Writer Jeanne Sahadi, along with an interactive analysis of the deal from the Washington Post.

Finally, tell us what you think of the legislation.

UPDATE: Here's even more on the tax cut package:


Bill Sheridan