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U.S. business climate on top of the world … almost

WorldHere's an interesting tidbit, courtesy of Trinity University's Bob Jensen and the CPAs-L listserve.

It's a Wall Street Journal video that examines the World Bank's rakings of the best and worst countries in which to do business. In it, Mary Anastasia O'Grady, a member of the Journal's editorial board and editor of the paper's weekly "Americas" column, examines some of the highlights of the list, including:

  • The good: In the 178-country list, the United States ranks third behind Singapore and New Zealand and might have ranked higher, were it not for the U.S.'s overly complicated tax code (which Jensen calls the "CPA Full Employment Act").
  • The bad: Argentina's corporate tax rate is an astounding 113 percent. In Brazil, compliance with tax regulations takes about 2,600 hours. In Venezuela, companies are not allowed to fire workers for any reason.

A little closer to home, Fortune magazine recently ranked the best and worst states in which to do business in terms of tax climate. Check out the list here.

What's the most onerous tax regulation you've ever heard of?


Bill Sheridan