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Happy New Year from CPA Success!

Bluemoon Ever heard the expression, once in a "blue moon"?

Well, tonight you will get to experience a blue moon on the eve of the beginning of a new decade. The next blue moon will not be until 2028 and the last one was in May 2007. (See this article in Yahoo News Canada from my Twitter friend, @darlascamore.)

Some have said the year of the moon (2009) is fraught with catastrophe, ups and downs and uncertainty. Could it be that the year of the moon defined the entire last decade and gives us hope for the new decade?

I am taking this as a positive sign as I reflect on the last decade and look ahead into the "teenage" years of the new millennium. Could it be that we begin to mature a bit more in this interdependent, global economy? Will we focus more on things that really matter? Will we figure our more sustainable business models that take care of our people, planet and profits?

Several things are certain. Change will continue to accelerate and challenge us. The future cannot be predicted. Even more things are out of our control. We are in a period of permanent whitewater.

So what?

We think you can must do several things to help you navigate this permanent whitewater:

  1. Look around to see emerging patterns and trends (backward, forward and side to side).
  2. Seek high-leverage opportunities that fit your core purpose and values.
  3. Create the future you want. Take some time to boldly envision what you want to create in the world you can control.
  4. Build on your strengths. Look for your unique and distinct strengths and build on them.
  5. Inspire others to action.
  6. Be grateful every day.

I also have faith in the CPA profession, that if we stay in the boat together, we will figure this out together.

Wishing all of you a healthy, prosperous, and happy New Year!