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Must reading from Tom Peters

IStock_000007404741Medium I came across this post from Tom Peters' blog about Tom Asacker's nine predictions for 2009:

  1. The earth will complete its trip around the Sun without incident.
  2. Many things will change but many people will not.
  3. Mostly, people will sit quietly in their seats and watch life unfold around them.
  4. A lot of people and businesses will fail.
  5. Many "friends" will be lost and many new ones made.
  6. The passionate will not only survive, they will thrive.
  7. Success will go to those with the best questions, not with those with the cleverest answers.
  8. Execution is the new strategy.
  9. Making a difference will trump making a buck.

Another great New Year post is over at Principled Innovation, by Jeff DeCagna, titled Serious, Simple, Social. Where he talks about the need for "serious" conversations to deal with the challenges we face, "simple" solutions that people can understand, and "social" for using social media to bring our communities together to solve problems. I met Jeff at our best practices conference last summer and he was great.

The point of both of these is that we are in uncharted waters and need to rethink our businesses and organizations -- ask the right questions, then act to create open, sustainable organizations that can bring us out of this nose dive.

You can get the full list on Tom Asacker's Web site or download it here.