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Repeat after me: Social media is NOT a waste of time

I'm angry -- I mean really, really angry -- with Time.

The holier-than-thou editorial team at Time has posted what might be the most condescending piece of online drivel I’ve ever seen.

The headline on this steaming pile reads “How Much Time Have You Wasted on Facebook?” It was a calculator of sorts. Connect it to your account and it counts how many pieces of content you’ve posted since you joined Facebook. Then it converts that number into days, hours and minutes that you’ve “wasted” on Facebook.

Know what I hate about this entire, useless exercise? The word “wasted.” It implies that everything I’ve done on Facebook has been a waste of time.

  • I’ve reconnected with old high school and college friends there. Together, we’ve used Facebook to plan real-life reunions that have rekindled friendships that time forgot. That wouldn’t have happened without Facebook.
  • I’ve shared news and information with thousands of people, and learned from the news and information that they have shared with me.
  • I’ve mourned the deaths of old friends and prayed for others who are fighting their own health-related battles.
  • I’ve helped expand my employer’s brand and establish our association as a source of news, information, and education that can help our members stay ahead of the pace of change.
  • I’ve expanded my network and my ability to learn. The more people I know, the more I’m likely to learn from them.
  • I’ve joined a billion other people worldwide in an effort to make this life a bit more … well, fun.

Is that a waste of time?

I didn’t think so.

Want to know what is, though? The 15 minutes I spent mucking around with that POS Time article.

What a waste.


Bill Sheridan