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Read any good books lately?

Books I just finished a book (Just After Sunset by Stephen King -- a little guilty pleasure; King himself once called his work the literary equivalent of a Big Mac and fries, but I can't resist) and now I'm looking for something else to read.

What do you suggest?

I've been thinking of picking up Too Big To Fail by Andrew Ross Sorkin. The story behind the financial meltdown and resulting economic crisis continues to fascinate. Sorkin's book and this story from NPR's "All Things Considered" are proof.

On the other hand, I'm heading out to a conference this week, and Seth Godin's Tribes is the perfect travel book -- short, thought-provoking and actionable ... and small enough to slip easily into my carry-on.

Still, I'm open to almost anything at this point. That's where you come in.

Let's get a little suggested reading list going here. Click on "Comments" below and let us know what you're reading these days. I'll take some of the comments and feature them in an upcoming post.

Happy reading!


Bill Sheridan