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Can this font save the world?

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You've swapped out your lightbulbs, traded in your SUV for a hybrid, gotten estimates on solar panels ... heck, you've even switched to replantable Christmas trees. And still it's not enough.

"What else," you ask, "can I do to make the world a greener place?"

How about using a new font?

Yeah, I know it sounds stupid. But a group of Dutch developers have created a new font that they believe will do its fair share to protect the environment.

It's called Ecofont, a Vera Sans-based font that has small, Swiss cheese-like holes in it to save on ink. In fact, the folks at SPRANQ, which developed the font, believe you will use up to 20 percent less ink by using Ecofont.

But how does it look? In an interview with the Associated Press, SPRANQ co-founder Gerjon Zomer admitted that "the font isn't beautiful, but ... it could be adequate for personal use or for internal use at a company."

The font is free to download. Check it out for yourself and tell us what you think.


Bill Sheridan