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Forget ROI. It’s time to think ROP

Businesses are constantly asking, "What is the ROI on [blank]?" This is especially true of social media.

What they really should be asking about is ROP -- Return on People.

Steve King at Small Business Labs calls “being human” the No. 1 small business trend in 2012

But really, accounting and people first? How can a profession based on numbers join the movement or even lead the movement to people first?

I think our own Bill Sheridan has some thoughts about this. Bill started the conversation in his post about the new CGMA designation, which triggered a response from Steve King in his post, The Global, Human, Strategic Accountant.

In that post, Steve says, “If the accounting industry “gets” that emphasizing the human dimension in business is real, then it’s a “real” trend. We agree! Keeping it Human matters for customer relationships."

Then, Steve's post triggered a request for an interview with Bill from Kathy Klotz-Guest, in which she talked about our work here at CPA Success. The blog, she writes, has "heavily evangelized not only social media adoption by accountants; it has advocated a re-envisioning of the profession based on a human-centered approach with social media being merely one small part of that. Who would have thought that accountants had “human” advocates?! They do, and we just had to talk to them."

Here is our interview with Kathy titled, The Accounting Industry Gets Human. Seriously!

I think something's going on here ...

Listen to Bill Sheridan on "ROP" and people first from our recent BLI Thought Leader's Summit:

What do you think?

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What are you doing to increase your ROP -- your Return on People?