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Keep your employees by turning them loose


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Here's yet another possible solution to the recruitment-and-retention dilemma: Kick your employees out of the office.

For the right employees in the right positions, telecommuting is becoming an ever more viable option. "This option will work well for employees who are making a family move to another part of the country, and for retiring employees," says Howard Wolosky in this Practical Accountant article. "... I wouldn’t be surprised if a number of firms started contacting former and retired members of the firms and see if they want to be remote employees. Think about all the former staff of firms that left for private industry. Might they not turn into valuable freelancers for firms that they left?"

I'm all for it. I work for the Maryland Association of CPAs from my home ... in Missouri. Such arrangements won't work in all situations, but under the right circumstances, they can be life-savers for employers and employees alike.

Meanwhile, MACPA Executive Director Tom Hood offers his take on the staffing situation in a new MACPA podcast.

Does  your organization allow telecommuting? What are the benefits and drawbacks?


Bill Sheridan