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Start your corporate climb by adding value

LadderYou're almost a full year out of college, and your employer still hasn't promoted you to general manager. What's a millennial to do?

That, of course, is the big knock against the workforce's youngest generation: They want it all, and they want it now. Much of the available research focuses on how employers should deal with these young professionals, but National Public Radio has some advice for the millennials themselves.

In an NPR program entitled, "The Generation That Can't Wait to Move Up at Work," career consultant Alexandra Levit said millennials can further their own cause by adding their expertise to existing projects at the office.

"I get this question a lot from 22- and 23-year-olds who e-mail me and say, 'I'm stuck at the bottom of my company. They want me to do administrative work all day long, and I'm really frustrated,'" said Levit, author of They Don't Teach Corporate in College. "I tell them to look around. There may areas in which you can add value. Perhaps you're familiar with a new type of technology; social networking would be a great example of this. You can really feel much better about yourself by adding value on a daily or weekly or monthly basis."

What are some other ways in which young professionals can quench their thirst for challenging, meaningful work?


Bill Sheridan