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The first few minutes of a job interview are vital

Interview_2You know what they say about first impressions? It goes for job interviews, too.

A new survey from Robert Half Finance & Accounting shows that executives form opinions of job seekers in an average of 10 minutes. Interviews last an average of 55 minutes for staff-level applicants and 86 minutes for management-level candidates, but the impressions applicants make in the opening minutes of the meetings are often the ones that last.

“The interview begins the moment job seekers arrive, so applicants need to project enthusiasm and confidence from the start,” said Max Messmer, chair and CEO of Robert Half International. “The opening minutes of the conversation often set the tone for the rest of the discussion.”

Robert Half's summary of the survey includes a list of five questions that are often asked at the beginning of an interview and -- more important -- tips for responding.


Bill Sheridan