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What are the most trusted professions for 2008?

Gallup_poll CPAs score among the highest, placing seventh in the annual Gallup / USA Today poll of who America trusts the most. Actually, we rank first among business professionals!

Nurses ranked as the most trusted professionals as the poll asked people to rank how they would rate the honesty and ethical standards of people in the surveyed fields.

CPAs enjoyed a 38 percent ("very high / high") and 51 percent ("average") for a net positive of 81 percent. We scored very high compared to the rankings of lawyers (with a net of 26 percent), bankers (53 percent -- they took an expected hit) and business executives (24 percent). Stockbrokers, at 7 percent, beat Congress by a 1 percent net. (I wonder who the 6 percent were who voted positive?)

I wonder how much higher we would rank if the question were seperated into CPAs versus accountants?

You can read the full survey results at the article, "Nurses Shine While Bankers Slump in Ethics Ratings."