Helping CPAs manage the “C” change

Spring in Maryland means town halls (Professional Issues Updates), conferences, our Innovation Summit, and plenty of FREE CPE to help CPAs keep their L > C.

We start our town halls with a scan of the major issues and trends facing the CPA profession, and they seem to fit nicely into the 5 "C"s:

  1. Change
  2. Complexity
  3. Convergence
  4. Compliance
  5. Competition

There also is plenty of conversation about technology (the biggest driver of change), four generations in the workplace and, of course, social media.

Yesterday was a new milestone for us as almost 400 CPAs registered for our free lunch-and-learn session on social media (which we will be repeating based on requests from our audience).

So, this post is a reference of sorts, with our latest presentations and resources members have asked for in our last few sessions. Please comment below if you need more and if you like what we are providing.

First is a link to our town hall / PIU slides (which you can find here) and a couple of the whitepapers referenced in our session:

The references to Geoffrey Moore and "systems of engagement" and more can be found on my post "Are you a Digital CPA?"

And another post: Are we entering the age of the small firm?.

Our legislative recap from the 2013 session is here.

And next is our Social Media Quickstart form yesterdays session:


You can see the "tweet stream" using this search (#MDSUMMIT13) here Lots more social media resources can be found on our blog here under our technology and social media category and plenty of webacasts and on-demand social media training is available here   I wish you a productive and prosperous spring!