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You’re driving your boss crazy

BadEveryone knows how to do the boss's job, right?

How else can you explain the scores of lists out there that tell our bosses how to do their jobs better -- "Five Types of Difficult Bosses," for example. Also, "15 Ways To Be a Better Boss" and "20 Bad Habits Leaders Should Stop Now." And if I felt like doing a second Google search, I could probably find a bunch more.

Now, it's time to let the bosses have their say.

Here are two lists that take aim at the workplace habits of employees -- and their titles don't mince words.

The titles are similar, but the lists vary greatly. Together, they create a master list of 20 employee habits that bosses absolutely hate.

On the other hand, there's the "Top 7 Habits Your Boss is Sure to Love," from TechRepublic. After all, not everything you do drives the boss crazy.

Now, bosses, tell us what you think: What's the one employee habit that drives you bonkers? What's the one thing you wish all of your employees would do?


Bill Sheridan