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Telecommuting: Serenity now …

TelecommuteWe spent some time in an earlier post examining the benefits of working from home. Now comes yet another reason why employers might want to consider telecommuting options.

A recent Reuters report (found here on PC Magazine's Web site) claims that telecommuting "boosts morale and job satisfaction and cuts stress" among employees and has few, if any, drawbacks for either workers or employers.

"Our results show that telecommuting has an overall beneficial effect because the arrangement provides employees with more control over how they do their work," Dr. Ravi Gajendran of Pennsylvania State University told Reuters. "Telecommuting seems to have some mildly positive effects on employee morale, on work-family balance and on stress."

Approximately 45 million Americans telecommuted last year. Were you one of them? What's the most positive aspect of telecommuting for you? The most negative aspect?


Bill Sheridan