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‘A passion for fashion’

WestDenise West is among the fortunate few who enjoy the best of both worlds: She loves her work, and she works at what she loves.

“I'm an accountant,” said West, director of finance for clothing retailer South Moon Under, “but at the same time, I have a passion for fashion. That's why I came to work for this company. You will see me dressed head to toe in our clothing. Everyone who works here has a passion for our product.”

With West’s help, South Moon Under has grown from a Maryland-based, five-store operation into an 11-store retailer with locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia. Her finance expertise has proved invaluable to the company and her CPA designation allows her to wear many hats and contribute to South Moon Under’s success in many ways.

Her passion for her company’s product, though, is as big a factor in her success as any other. In a recent interview with the MACPA and the AICPA, she answered questions about her job, her profession, and her inspirations and aspirations. Read a complete transcription of that conversation here.


Bill Sheridan